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Hey! Is this thing on?

Welcome, fellow dreamers, adventures and seekers of Pixie Dust, to my magical Disney travel blog! Whether you're a lifelong fan of Mickey Mouse or seeking an extraordinary family vacation, there's something undeniably special about stepping into the enchanting realm of Disney Life. In this inaugural blog post, I invite you to embark on a journey that unveils the wonders, tips, and secrets that make Disney travel an experience like no other.

If you're here, it's because you too have been captivated by Disney. From the beloved classic animated films to the enchanting theme parks, Disney has created a world that holds a special place in the hearts of individuals of all ages. The magic of Disney extends beyond the screen and the parks, permeating into merchandise, music, Broadway shows, and more.

Disney is a brand that has become synonymous with joy, dreams, and nostalgia. Whether you're a fan of the princesses, the animated characters, the Marvel superheroes, or the Star Wars galaxy, there's always something magical waiting to be discovered in the world of Disney. So, embrace your love for all things Disney, and let the enchantment continue to bring smiles and create memories that last a lifetime.

I can wax poetic about Disney all day long, and if given half a chance I will. So, I decided to spend delve into this scary, yet exciting #bloglife. I don't know how many will come on this journey with me, but even if one person finds this spot halfway helpful, then I will have met my goal.

As I take my first steps into the world of writing, I embark on an adventure filled with creativity, self-discovery, and the boundless possibilities of words. In this blog post, I will share the exhilaration, challenges, and lessons learned from my foray into the Wonderful World of Disney. I ask for your kindness and patience as I move forward. I'm sure we can find our way together.

A couple of things about me:

  1. Like many of you, I am a Disney lover from as far back as I remember. The enchantment of Disney movies and characters have long been a joy in my life. The magical songs and indelible characters have always transported me to unimaginable places where dreams come true.

  2. I married a Disney Lover. Yes, I am one lucky lady. I found someone that not only understands but appreciates the magic of Disney and doesn't mind getting on "It's a Small World" multiple times a day. I knew he was the one when I casually mentioned wanting to have a Disney themed wedding and he didn't ask for the ring back. Our shared love of Disney has opened up a world of possibilities and we have created memorable moments for our little family.

  3. I have a Disney obsessed daughter. Is it genetic? I like to think so. Our daughter started singing "Let It Go" before she could actually form sentences.

  4. We are Disney Vacation Club Members. I mean... naturally. :)

  5. We love talking about Disney and love helping others plan their vacations. My husband is a super social person and even though I am closer to a wallflower than a butterfly, nothing will get me talking like Disney. Which is probably why I'm writing this long post. :)

So here we are. Starting an adventure and not really knowing where we will end up. However, I feel that is how all great adventures begin. I'm really looking forward to meeting great people and helping some along the way.

Welcome to my little blog!

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