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I am back!

Hello Disney Dreamers!

It’s been a whole while since I last spoke to my fellow Disney Lovin’ Friends!

The last year has been something of a whirlwind. Have you ever found yourself lost in the magic of Disney, wondering what life would look like in that world of whimsy? I’ve spent a lot of time, as of late, precisely contemplating that as life does what life tends to do-throw massive curveballs.

As I prepared to venture into this blogging world, my family was hit with two major losses-both my parents. My Dad passed away peacefully first in December, 2022. Then my Mom became ill 11 months later and also passed away peacefully in November, 2023-just one day after her birthday. Nothing prepares you for that one-two punch and grief is an unforgiving master.

Sorrow is an unusual companion, arriving uninvited and settling in the spaces once filled with warmth. In the heavy silence that followed the departure of my loved ones, I’ve come to realize that grief isn’t linear. It’s a rollercoaster with unexpected twists and turns. In the midst of loss, memories connect us to the essence of that which we have lost. The old pictures, the familiar faces and the reliving of moments frozen in time. These memories serve as a tribute to the life we have lived together.

Stepping back into the realm of Disney has been like reconnecting with an old friend. The familiar sights, the playful music, the unmistaken smell of popcorn that filled the air, the friendly smile of a Cast Member… it felt like coming home. The Castle stood proud and tall, beckoning me to come over and to say “Hello, Friend!”

I was pleased to see that Disney was exactly as I remembered it. Yet, it was also different in a weird way. Perhaps it was the way I was looking at it? Perhaps I am …different. But the rediscovery that my happy place was still my happy place took my breath away.

I will (mercifully) keep this blog post short. I would like for this space to be joyous, even if the realities of life sometimes are less a fairy tale. The spirit of Disney can certainly live in our hearts and homes. So until we find an enchanted portal that allows us to walk onto Main Street, let’s keep cherishing the magic that Disney brings to our lives.

See you real soon,


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